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Current best shot:

SourceForge Logoshot by fizzgig
  shot: the new "shiny ship"
version: 0.98.2
date: 2002.06.10

The true beauty of this effect can't be seen in a still image I'm afraid.


Project orphaned 2007.06.12
Feel free to pick it up, if you feel it's worth something.:)
Missing DLLs in 0.98.2 available 2002.12.12

The missing DLL's are available for download msvcp60d.dll msvcp70.dll msvcr70.dll.

Development will hopefully resume in a few months, once we are done with our thesis projects. Initial focus will be on making the internal architecture more stable and suitable for further enhancements. (advanced shaders, networking, load/save, scripting, modular objects, and more).

Reaper needs a game design, and thus also a few game designers with a knack for creative writing and a vision of what the end product should be like.

We also need more (or at least better) content. It is my intention that Reaper should accept almost any mesh- and/or imageformat out there.

So, big changes are coming, but it will take a while. Hang in there. :)

v. 0.98.2 released ! 2002.09.25

A new release including the environment mapped ship mentioned below, other than that mostly a catch-up-with-cvs release.

environment mapping 2002.06.10

Now if you don't know what "environment mapping" is, take a look at these new screenshots. Those "shiny ships" work perfectly now and development is alredy concentrating on even more exciting issues. Like some keywords? Here you go: "Shadow volumes", "per-pixel lighting", "better shield effect".

v. 0.98.1 realeased ! 2002.05.05

Ahh, finally. After the redesign of the homepage this is the first new release of reaper3d. Most changes are internal, but there's also some new graphics involved. Here's what the chef has to say about it:


STLport no longer needed for older gcc:s
A few new textures (menu-backgrounds, terrain)
Graphics and physics updates, mostly internal changes..
and some more..

And networking updates, but this is not enabled in this release since I found a few evil bugs which will take a few days to sort out, I think. I'll make a new release as soon as it works acceptlably."

Looks as if we're getting closer to network-multiplayer action each day *drool*.

So if you want to get the new action at once, here are the downloads:


Reaper spotting, part 5... 2002.05.01

Yahoo, we're on flipcode, one of the best portals for professional game-development!

Thank you very much, that's a nice start for the month.

talking heads 2002.04.27

The heads of development are working hard on the next release. I asked them about the things they are currently devoting their precious time to. Here's what they replied:

"I will try to add environmentmapping to the players ship. So that terrain/sky reflects on the hull. This will give the game the ability to use a completely chromed ship, as in StarWars Episode 1."

"In the next release there will be a completely revised physics engine, i.e. the part which calculates when and if objects collides. No new simulation. No one will probably notice anything, except that it shoud be more stable, i.e not so many CPU peaks. Later on, which may or may not be included in that release is a more physically accurate collision response mechanism."

I couldn't get them to tell me the release date nvertheless, but I didn't really expect to anyway.

new mailinglist: reaper3d-users 2002.04.26

For the people interested in playing (and not developing) reaper3d. Share your experiences, thoughts. questions and everything else with the reaper community and the new reaper3d-users mailinglist.
new page: the team 2002.04.20

Do you really want to know who those guys behind reaper3d are? Wonder who would spend most of his spare time working on a project without commercial background? For the good of the people? Well, it's "the team" and you will find out more about us here.
mailing lists added 2002.04.16

When news aren't enough...
If you want a deeper insight into the reaper3d development process, have a look at the mailing lists. Here you will get the most, really most up to date info about what's going on behind the scenes.
community section opened 2002.04.14

I opened the community section with the forums. So go ahead and start posting like wild, we need your brains!

Finally: new Reaper homepage ! 2002.04.13

After several weeks of hard work, the new Reaper homepage is finally finished, my first effort as new member of the Reaper team.
I hope you like the new design and the new navigation-structure. More stuff will be added soon. On top of the priority list are the community thingies like the forum and of course ressources for developers. I'll also try to get news at least(!) once a week. From now on, things will really start moving faster here so stay tuned!

Are you missing something or do you have a good idea? Feedback is very welcome as we try to constantly improve the page. So let me know what you think:



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